Euro 2016 Predictions Competition !

Euro Groups :
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Albania England Germany
France Russia Northern Ireland
Romania Slovakia Poland
Switzerland Wales Ukraine
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Czech Republic Italy Hungary
Spain Republic Of Ireland Iceland
Turkey Sweden Portugal

Welcome to the Euro 2016 Predictions Competition.

Why not try your luck and see if you can predict what team will get to hold the UEFA Euro 2016 trophy, and you might even win some money on the way.

50% of money received will be towards prizes, and 50% will go to Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumlin.

Prize split will depend on number of entries received, normally 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and last place will get their money back! If there are sufficient entries 4th and 5th prize will also be included. The larger the pot the greater the prizes so spread the news!

Participation is pretty straight forward, just follow these instructions :

Some notes on how to complete the form :

Entry Form:

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Group A   Group B   Group C
 1st A      1st B      1st C  
 2nd A      2nd B      2nd C  
 3rd A      3rd B      3rd C  
Group D   Group E   Group F
 1st D      1st E      1st F  
 2nd D      2nd E      2nd F  
 3rd D      3rd E      3rd F  
Round of 16 Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final Winner
 2nd A   
 2nd C     
 1st D   
 3rd B/E/F     
 1st B   
 3rd A/C/D     
 1st F   
 2nd E     
 1st C   
 3rd A/B/F     
 1st E   
 2nd D     
 1st A   
 3rd C/D/E     
 2nd B   
 2nd F     
 Goals Scored